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Step 1

Does Your Firm Qualify?

Step 2

If So, How Much?

Step 3

How to Maximize Your Credit

If you answer YES to all 3 of the following questions we’re 99% sure you qualify.

Question 1

Does your business’ employees engage in activities based in the “hard sciences” (mathematics, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science)?

Question 2

Are you developing new or improving upon existing products, processes, plans, techniques, technology, formulas, inventions, or software?

Question 3

Have you taken an iterative approach to your development process — modeling, prototyping, simulations, hypothesis testing, trial and error, etc.?

The average return on qualified expenses is 8% for the Federal R&D Credit

Breakdown of a $716,947 R&D Tax Credit:

Over the course of 4 years we helped a manufacturing company turn $3.8M of qualified expenses into $716,947 between federal and state credits.

Qualified Expenses:

  • W-2 Wages
  • Prototype components and supplies
  • Testing and software development costs


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